KNOW MORE is a new form of Sex Ed.
Revealing the truth about sex in an unexpected way.

Ethnographic Research
Graphic Design
Long Beach, CA, has the second highest rates of chlamydia and syphilis and the third highest rate of gonorrhea in California. The Health Department asked us to research about STD misconceptions and discussions about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxi (PrEP) and to develop a multi-platform safe sex awareness campaign targeted for residents of the City of Long Beach, due to its dramatic increase of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) during the past two years.

We immersed ourselves in the culture and city of Long Beach for data we could use in our research. What we learned from speaking to the residents of Long Beach, were what we found that we needed to solve. There is a stigma and shame around STDs so we needed to debunk misconceptions and at the same time try not to market to everybody because not everybody is at risk of STDs.

The campaign idea was presented to the Long Beach Health Department and has been launched in the summer of 2018.

By presenting straightforward information about sexual practices and the reality of STDs, this campaign seeks to debunk misconceptions and encourage safe sex practices, condom use and testing rates among Long Beach’s younger generations.

Through engaging and light-hearted graphic designs to overcome language barriers with pictograms, this sexual education campaign promotes positive sexual messaging that focuses on the facts in an empowering and honest presentation: “Know More About STDs So There Will Be No More STDs.”

Stephanie Torres
Serda Ursan
Sam Yen
Anna Meddaugh

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