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The simple object which we hold in our hands daily, interact with daily, that “connect” us to each other daily, is becoming more of a problem than ever before. There are health consequences, privacy concerns, and actually negative social bonding experiences, which is slowly disconnecting us with one another – this is the unintended consequence of a more connected world.

December 2017

This is the trap — by thinking and feeling like we are more connected around the world, to our friends in cities far away from us, we are forgetting how to interact with one another in real life. We have developed new, quick and easy ways to communicate, through the use of social media platforms, leading to instant gratification, we forget the seriousness of the issue of smartphone usage.


Your cellphone has replaced
your watch, camera, calendar
and alarm clock.
Don’t let it replace your
family and friends.

I welcome you & love you as you are.